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Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet

Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
Каска AGV Sportmodular Carbon Matt Helmet
  • Код на продукта: 1861-01
  • Изпращане: 1 - 5 работни дни


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12 x 145.49 лв.
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Безплатна доставка
За всички продукти над 50 лв.
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Връщане и замяна
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Продукти на лизинг
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Качествени продукти
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Announcing the AGV Sport Modular Helmet. Step up to the flip-up of the future

Compromise isn’t in our nature. So, we rewrote the rule book on flip-ups, creating the impossible everyone wanted. A modular with the compact dimensions, low weight and performance of a top sport full-face and the safety of the world No. 1, our very own Pista GP R. Finally, the flip-up has achieved its full potential.

1,295 g Full carbon shell and chin guard

Our Sport Modular is the first 100% carbon fiber flip-up. That includes the super-precise chin guard. So there's no compromise in weight, strength and impact-absorption. With 3 shell sizes, the result is world-leading safety* and a class-beating low weight of 1295g. No other modular even comes close.

Reinventing the best Functional simplicity just got titanium

The Double D-ring closure is the safest one can get. Tough, simple and foolproof, it's also the lightest solution, keeping the weight at the bottom of the helmet to a minimum. Which is why it's the only choice in MotoGP. But that wasn't enough for this helmet. So, we redesigned it in Titanium, making it totally corrosion-resistant and an astonishing 45% lighter than steel.

Total vision. In every sense. See more. Sense more. With total control.

See more through a Class 1 optics panoramic visor with 190° peripheral and 85° vertical vision. Ride confident with a Max Vision Pinlock 120 anti-fog insert with 42% wider coverage. Gain superior ventilation control from a compact all-metal metal visor mechanism, featuring micro-adjustment intervals 70% smaller than standards require. Enjoy tool-free quick-release visor changes. And stay reassuringly safe with a glove-friendly micro-opening visor lock that holds the face shield firmly in place for extreme protection. That's total vision.

Aerodynamics one can see but not feel Adjustable spoiler for tailored performance

Wind-tunnel engineered with a difference, the AGV Sport Modular boasts incredibly low dynamic weight performance, reducing down forces and lift so much one barely feel them. What's more, an adjustable spoiler with integral air vent allows the rider to instantly tailor the aerodynamics to their riding position. So, whatever their mood, they can rely on exceptional stability and freedom from buffeting. For tireless days in the saddle.

Looks cool. Feels cooler. Adjustable modular ventilation with demist

The full-flow ventilation system of the Sport Modular is beautifully integrated in its carbon fiber shell, but also deceptively powerful. It's 3 main vents are oversized to pack a punch, and engineered for year-round performance. The chin ports feature visor demist ducts and the smooth three-position adjusters are glove-friendly even in the wet. Plus, premium materials ensure their silent mechanisms will continue to perform precisely for years to come.

Silence is golden Quiet without bulk

Low noise levels are an essential part of active safety. Especially during long days in the saddle. The exceptional wind-tunnel-engineered aerodynamics of our Sport Modular helmet have reduced them to an unheard of new low. And that's without extra padding and added bulk. So there's less between the rider and the pleasures of the open road.

Comfort that adapts to the seasons Premium solutions with patented reversible crown

The structural design of the AGV Sport Modular achieves outstanding advances in comfort and active safety. But we took things further. With a rear lip profile that directs rain and spray away from the neck. And with advanced technical fabrics. Water resistant outside to block moisture seepage. Lined with supersoft hypoallergenic 2Dry fast-wicking materials for moisture control and a smooth fit. Sanitized® for odor-free hygiene. And then made twice as effective with a patented ventilation-enhancing reversible crown. Unique to AGV, it features a silky-smooth Ritmo cool side and a soft Shalimar warm side. Simply flip to suit the weather. Now every season's riding season.


  • 100% carbon fiber shell
  • 3 shell sizes (XS-SM, MD-LG, XL-3XL)
  • 5-density EPS in 4 sizes
  • 100% carbon fiber chin bar engineered to guarantee maximum lightweight and balance even in the open configuration
  • Shell shape designed to minimize the risk of impact energies being channeled to the collar bone
  • Metal chin guard opening system designed to prevent accidental openings
  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with a large front vent, a chin guard vent and a rear extractor hollowed in the shell which direct air to the rider’s head without interference with the internal sun shield
  • Internal chin channels distribute the air flow evenly through the entire shield surface
  • Adjustable integrated spoiler reduces turbulence and maximizes stability
  • Pressure-free interior fit
  • Removable nose guard and wind protector
  • Reversible crown pad features a double face use that allows the rider to select the preferred feel and climate: warmer side with Shalimar fabric for a soft and gentle touch and a cooler side with Ritmo fabric
  • Neck roll made from Shalimar and Nabuk fabric with water resistant treatment prevents water from being channeled inside the helmet
  • Cheek pads made from Ritmo fabric with Sanitized (antibacterial protection), 2Dry (moisture wicking) and Microsense (premium skin comfort and wearing fluidity) treatments
  • Eyeglasses friendly
  • Face shield prepared for 100% Max Vision Pinlock (120) anti-fog technology designed for maximum vertical view (85°) and unmatched horizontal view (190°)
  • GT3 face shield is anti-scratch and is in 2 sizes to optimize the correct fit between shield and shell in any size and to reduce air drafts and noise (GT3-1 for 2XS-LG, GT3-2 for XL-3XL)
  • Integrated anti-scratch inner sun shield is removable without using tools and uses 2 sizes (IV7-1 for 2XS-LG, IV7-2 for XL-3XL)
  • Visor Lock System (VLS) reduces the risk of accidental openings
  • Metal face shield mechanism designed to minimize surface area, therefore supporting peripheral view and impact performance
  • Rapid face shield release system requires no tools and allows it to be removed and replaced in seconds
  • Titanium Double D retention system (43% lighter than standard steel DD)

Доставки в България, Срокове и Наличности.

Доставка в България

Carmall доставя вашите продукти с куриерска фирма Спиди.

Всички поръчки се изпращат с опция преглед и тест.

За поръчки със стойност над 50 лв. безплатна доставка до адрес или офис на спиди

За поръчки със стойност под 50 лв. цена за доставка 4.45 лв до офис и 6.87 до адрес.

Срокове за доставка

Какво е “Време за изпращане”, времето през, което ние подготвяме Вашата поръчка за изпращане. Сроковете за различните производители са различни, като предварително са упоменати в полето “време за изпращане”

Стоки със статус време за изпращане - “Веднага” са стоки, които са налични на склад и обикновено се изпращат в деня на поръчката, ако тя е направена до 12:00ч. За поръчки направени след 12:00ч. “Времето за изпращане” започва да тече от следващия работен ден. 


  • Пример 1 - Правите поръчка до 12:00ч, поръчката е с Време за изпращане “Веднага” - поръчката се обработва на същия ден, след потвърждение за наличност на избрания размер и се изпраща на същия ден.

  • Пример 2 - Правите поръчка след 12:00ч, продуктът е със статус  “Време за изпращане: Веднага” - поръчката се обработва на същия ден, след потвърждение за наличност на избрания размер и се изпраща на следващия работен ден /обикновенно успяваме да изпратим поръчката на същия работен ден/

  • Пример 3 - Правите поръчка на продукт със статус “Време за изпращане - Х работни дни. Времето за изпращане започва да тече от следващия работен ден, след потвърждение за наличност на избрания размер.

Предплащане на стоки:

Предплащане на стоки се изисква в случаите, когато стоката е със стойност 500+ лв. не е на склад и трябва да бъде поръчана. Размер на предплащане 50% от стойността на стоката. Предплащането се извършва по банков път, по сметка на Carmall


Възможно е разминаване между посочените в сайта наличности на размери  и продукти и реално наличните на склад, 

При горепосочената ситуация се свързваме с клиента по email или телефон, за да го уведомим.

Моля да ни извините за това неудобство, работим за решаването на този проблем и в най-скоро време ще бъде отстранен.

Кога се свързваме с Вас?

  • След направена поръчка на яке, панталони или екип, за да уточним размерите, 

  • В случаите, когато поръчаният размер или артикул не е наличен.

  • В случаите, когато се налага предплащане.

*Свързваме се с клиента чрез телефонно обаждане в работно време или email.

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